Immigration Options

1. Business Investment  for Permanent Residence.

The more convenient  immigration procedure for a foreigner planning to come and invest in Panama is the Permanent Resident Status.  Any of the following types of applications will take you to such a Permanent Status:

  • Forest Investor. A minimum of US$80,000.00 must be invested in reforestation of at least 5 hectares of land. 
  • Macro-Investor. A minimum investment of US$160,000.00 in a company, in any business other than the business segments mentioned herein.
  • Investor in the Special Economic Area Panama-Pacific. A minimum of US$250,000.00 must be invested.
  • Investor in an Export Processing Zones. A minimum US$250,000.00 must be invested.
  • Investor in Call Centers for Commercial Export Use.  A minimum investment of US$250,000.00 is required.
  • Investor in the Film and Audiovisual Industry. A minimum amount of US$150,000.00.


2. Other Immigration Options for Permanent Residence.

  • Self Economic Solvency making a minimum investment of $300,000.00: 

(a) in real estate, 

(b) in a time deposits (3 years duration), or 

(c) an investment by the same amount of money both combined or mixed (real estate and time deposits), provided it is shown that the funds from abroad.

  • Retired and Pensioner, with monthly minimum income or pension of $1,000.00 “for life”.  The applicant must prove that he has been retired by a Public or Private company, and that the monthly payment is higher than US$1,000.00. 
  • Panama’s Friendly Nations Visa. This permit is for citizen of specific countries to maintain relations friendly, professional, economic and investment relations with the Republic of Panama. 
  • Visa for ex diplomats. This permit is for those who have been diplomats or members of international organizations, countries maintain friendly diplomatic relations with the Republic of Panama, who no longer serve on their respective positions and want to establish their permanent residence in Panama.
  • Visa for foreign professionals. This permit is for those whose exercise of their profession is not reserved only for the Panamanians.
  • Visa Recommended for Panama´s President. This visa is especially for foreigners that the President recommends grant for reasons of national interest or the provision of any service to the state.
  • Visa for foreign with Panamanians children no minor of 5 years old.
  • Visa of married with Panamanians.
  • Visa of Dependent of Permanent Residents (parents, spouses or children).
  • Permanent personnel hired by the Panama Canal Authority
  • Permanent Personnel hired to work within Area Panama-Pacific of Special Economic.


3. Immigration Options for Temporary Residence.

If a foreigner plans to move to Panama, in order to settle temporarily, due to work reasons, investment in agriculture or forestry, special political, educational, religious, or family reunification, etc.., Then the best option recommended migration, is the temporary resident immigration status. This Permission is valid for one or two years, according the permission chosen, until complying the maximum period of six (6) years.

  • Retired Annuitant (monthly minimum income of $850.00). Retired Annuitant, granted to those applicants who owns a time deposit for at least 5 years, at Banco Nacional de Panama or Banco Caja de Ahorros, for approx. US$ 190,000.00. This visa is valid for 5 years and the applicant is granted a Special Panamanian Passport during that time.
  • Businessman, Executive, Manager or representative of executive-operating level of foreign businesses of international origin with subsidiary offices or representation’s offices in Panama, that have headquarter offices in another country.
  • Businessman, Executive or Manager of company established in the Colon Zone Free. 
  • Businessman, Executive or Manager of company established in the City of Knowledge Foundation or City of Knowledge Technological Park. 
  • Visa for professor, investigator, technical or student of a educative institution established in the City of Knowledge Foundation or City of Knowledge Technological Park.
  • Aviation’s Visa for employees or personnel of airlines established in the Republic of Panama.
  • Visa by labor reasons for foreign personnel hired to work in several working areas.
  • Visa by reasons of special politics  for foreign personnel hired to  word in other working areas.
  • Visa by reasons of investment. Agrarian Investor (minimum investment of $60,000.00); Forest Investor (minimum investment of $60,000.00). 
  • Visas by reasons of education, religious, humanitarian and family regrouping.