1. Power of attorney.  No legalization is required, just the client’s signature.   A form may be sent upon your request.  Please be informed that it is possible to file the application without a power of attorney (Additional cost of US$ 125.00), but this document must be filed within two months after the application is filed in Panama. A power of attorney may be filed for registration at the Trademarks Office, in which case it is not necessary to file it again for further applications.
  2. Client’s address in Panama for administrative or judicial notifications.  Save otherwise instructed we will place our firm address.
  3. The applicant could be an individual or a company.   No business license or other type of document is required to prove the existence of the company.
  4. In case the applicant is an individual, a copy of the passport or the identification document.
  5. Label of the mark, (only when it is/contains a design, as we may produce directly any word mark).
  6. Special instructions in relation to claiming priority, colors, etc.   Priorities may be claimed within six (6) months after the original application, as provided by the Convention of Paris.
  7. Goods to be protected and their International Classification.  Multiple class application is permitted.

In force in Panama:

  • The International Classification of Nice
  • The Convention of Paris for Protection of the Industrial Property
  • International Convention for Protection of Vegetable Obtainments
  • Marraketch Agreement –Worldwide Organization of Commerce
  • Trademark Law Treaty - 1994

Other services:

  • Assignments
  • Oppositions
  • Cancellations
  • Searches
  • License
  • Registration in Latin-American countries.
  • Brand availability 
  • Brand registration at the Colon Free Zone


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