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We represent banks, insurance companies, executives, professionals, global brands and foreign law firms

in several Litigation Cases

Our offices are located in Midtown Panama and we are readily available to help you understand your legal situation and guide you through the process of pursuing a claim, should doing so be legally advisable. If you desire it, our lawyers can limit their role to analyzing problems, offering advice, drafting letters and agreements for the client’s signature, and, in general, remaining in the background to achieve a less confrontational negotiation process. We do not, however, shy away from aggressively representing your interests.

Our lawyers will represent you in commercial cases.

Our expert Team

Our lawyers will also represent you in commercial and civil litigation, intellectual property, maritime law or many other law matters.

Enrique A. Cajigas


Enrique M. Cajigas


Gabriel Cajigas


Enrique J. Cajigas



We will look after our clients interests as if they were our own. We will deliver outstanding levels of service and build strong relationships, because we understand our clients needs and find the best possible solution is our goal.



We set the highest goals of honesty and ethics. We are trusted advisors. Integrity is at the heart of everything we do. We take seriously the trust that our clients place in us and the responsibility we have to safeguard that trust.


We pride ourselves on being friendly, punctual, reliable and accessible to our clients. We will be straightforward, open and honest in all our dealings and we will act with utmost integrity.

Constant Communication

We take care to ensure our clients are fully informed of their legal rights and obligations. Throughout the project we will continually review our plan to ensure it is still relevant and effective, and will adapt it if necessary.

Our lawyers will also represent you in commercial or civil litigation cases.

Our lawyers will represent you in in the area of Real Estate in Panama.

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