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Specifics of international private law in terms of external elements.
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Advising our clients since 1984

The law firm of CAJIGAS & CO was established in 1984 by Mr. Enrique Cajigas, a graduate from the law faculty of La Universidad Nacional de Panama, in Panama, Republic of Panama since 1978. Mr.Cajigas has oriented his business towards international legal matters which constitute 50% of its activity while the remaining half is directed to commercial matters including civil and commercial litigation.

CAJIGAS & CO.’s International practice is divided into three areas: Intellectual Property, Admiralty Law and Corporate Law (Off-Shore Corporations).

Intellectual Property

Cajigas & Co. assists foreign law firms and companies, in filing registration applications and renewing trademarks, tradenames, service marks, designs, patents, utility models, industrial models, and copyrights. This same service, regarding trademarks and patents is also provided throughout Latin American countries such as, San Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil and others.

Admiralty matters

Cajigas & Co. assists foreign law firms in arrest of vessels, indemnities claims and litigation proceedings. We also provide assistance at the Shipping Bureau Office for the registration of vessels, change of owners, change of names and related matters; as well as at the Public Registry, whenever a mortgage or title needs to be registered, or a search against a vessel or company is requested.

Corporate Law

Anyone interested in the formation of a company for local business, non profit affairs or off-shore transactions will find that our experience in this area provides all the necessary guidance and assistance in order to incorporate a legal structure in Panama, B.V.I., Belize, Bahamas or any other jurisdiction

Complex Civil and Commercial Litigation is also one of our main practices including civil claims, breach of contracts, inheritances, real estates related claims, Intellectual Property Litigation, collection of credits, foreclosures, execution of foreign sentences and general litigation.

We are always prepared and ready to provide the necessary assistance for the smooth operation of your business in Panama

We offer complete services, specialized in the incorporation of companies, amendments to articles of incorporation, change of directors, commercial licenses, leasing contracts, real estate purchases, visa applications for executives and their families, multiple entry and exit permits, work permits, legal opinions on contracts, legal advice to terminate employment contracts, sanitary registrations, protection of intellectual property rights, advice on traffic accidents, revision of contracts, coordination of legal matters with foreign attorneys, adaptation of foreign contracts for use in Panama and general legal matters.

Our Values

At Cajigas & Co., quality is a philosophy and way of life, a commitment to totally satisfy our clients.


Cajigas & Co. promotes and encourages strong and a long term business relationships with its clients. As our service is valued, we work as a highly responsible team to provide best results to all our clients.

Objectivity and Integrity

Cajigas & Co. exercise the highest degree of ethics in conducting business. The necessary analysis to present our clients with potential outcome in legal matters and the most convenient alternatives while retaining the values of quality, objectivity and integrity, translate into honesty, goodwill and respect towards our clients. Our law firm strongly advises its clients to operate within the legal frame.

Specific Business our Firm does not deal with.

  • We do not offer nor provide legal advice to Justice fugitives.
  • We do not get involved in legal schemes in order to deceive others.
  • We do not receive nor pay bribes.
  • We do not represent clients who are unable to fully identify themselves.

Cajigas & Co. is devoted to provide a superior service to foreign and international clients at a reasonable cost. This includes being available for the client at all times and at any hour, immediate replies to all telephone calls and faxes and taking care of all affairs with full diligence in an ethical and highly professional manner.

Cajigas & Co. lingual expertise include Spanish and English. Translation and interpretation of documents are also available in other languages.